Timeless fashion
Cyril Paillot designs ready-to-keep clothing. outfits to be worn like a second skin. A vigorous, sharp, powerful, unstructured, body-hugging style, speaking straight to the soul and creating a true signature look. The effect is not fashion, not superfluous, but simply timeless.

Fabrics that are washed to remove the finishes, to restore authenticity, unveil their true identify, revealing fullness, relief, suppleness, lightness... bringing fabrics alive! Always that sensual connection to the fibre.

Collections to live in
Sleek, perfected pieces, to mix and match, layer, juxtapose. Bags and clutches in leather and metal studs. The opposition of forces and complementarity, the mix of materials, lengths, fluidity, ultra-femininity are the designer's watchwords. Women take on feline allure, wild yet fragile.
contact: nue1904@hbfashion.com.au