This season's inspired by a hip Angelino and her ambient swag lifestyle in hilly Silver Lake, LA - and oh, does she dig her life there! She's ever so into the vibrant coolness she finds here and the allure of its quirky cultural diversity gives her the lust for living local.

Our muse of inspiration is an indie-journalist living in the hills of this LA haven, surrounded by her verdant organic garden, but really, that?s just geography. It might as well be you. The beauty of Rabens Saloner is that we're not about following a certain trend. Or being somebody that you're not. It's all about being you. Come as you are and things will happen.

Our Spring/Summer collection 2013 reflects not only the beautiful cultural mishmash with its ethnic influences in patterns and the use of colour. It's also a trip in time embracing a decade like the 70's BOHO style made iconic by Janis and Joni.

Tie & dye, dip & dye and prints, everything's handmade, and here we find it necessary to stress the fact that handmade really means made by hand, NOT machine. Event the prints are made by hand using old technics.

Loose is our very state of mind expressed in fabulously soft cotton qualities and even thinner gauze qualities. T's with statements printed on them, like 'Your Heart Is Wild' or 'Your Love Is Wild'. Small buttons on a cardigan put a poetically stamp on our thoughts for the future - 'Hope'. Not a question mark in sight!
A large peacock feather has been graphically reinterpreted and is seen on various garments. Even the tie & dye print has a featherish feeling to it.

Like always, it's in the mix! The combo of a pair of foxy 'gold '- shorts and a light mohair-top is simply yummie! So is the image of a loose handmade black sequin shirt over a T and a pair of jeans. In some pieces suede is also showing off in a delightful seductive, but subtle way.
Colours are off white, mottled light grey, but also earthy shades and gorgeous green appears.

LA local life for sure, but local as in global.